Decolav: Cityview

Mon 01 2008


Dark red mahogany-finished vanity with black granite countertop trimmed with brushed stainless steel and satin nickel hardware. Includes semi-recessed white vitreous china lavatory with overflow and single-hole faucet drilling. Side cabinet features mirror inside of door (left or right adjustable) and four drawers. Matching mirror hangs horizontally or vertically. Decolav .

Ryohan toilet

Fri 09 2007

ryohan_toilet.jpgThe one-piece Ryohan toilet‘s skirted bowl is supported with a distinctive column adorned with the elegant furrowed sand detailing suggestive of the undulating movement of the sea inspired by Zen Japanese gardens. These facets resonate in the tank’s lid, creating a pleasing coherence to the overall design. This sense of harmony is further enhanced by the bowl’s graceful curvilinear tank, which supports a generous lid that has been molded into a shelf, creating newfound space for toiletries, tissues, or other bathroom necessities.

The Ryohan toilet features Universal Height – TOTO’s ergonomic, comfortable height design that facilitates rising from a sitting to standing position and makes this aesthetically-pleasing one-piece toilet ADA-compliant.

Escala Washstand

Mon 09 2007

vanityimage_01.jpgThe Escala line of consoles brings sweeping arches and an off-the-floor design to the traditional washstand. Hand polishing adds luster and warmth to its simple lines and solid form. The result is something uniquely traditional and boldly modern. The Escada washstand is wall mount off-the floor design with a contemporary and traditional perfect balance of style and function and for a precious look the basin is hand-polished for a rich luster made from polished chrome or polished nickel.


Wed 09 2007

sinks.jpgWhy do basins look the way they do? Is it because of tradition? There was a time when the point of the basin was to mix hot and cold water; today we have faucets to carry out that task. This has left the basin with the sole purpose of leading the water down the drain. With HF01 SINK watching the water challenge the laws of nature as it caresses the stone on its way toward the drain is a captivating experience. Its surface of polished diabas stone or concrete also allows you to write poems for yourself or messages to other family members, using the water as your pencil. There are many nice basins on the market. But if you want a unique experience complimented by astounding craftsmanship, there’s only one.

13nirvana-setting-middle-image-final.jpgThe Nirvana is designed for one bather to enjoy alone or two bathers to enjoy side-by-side. There are two large head rests at one end and the bath narrows gradually from there to the drain end. The well features sloping arm and backrests with lumbar support. This are dual heated head and neck rests when a system bath. The shape allows this bath to be set in a five foot length with only the backrest end larger than standard width. The Nirvana has an integral tiling flange and an integral skirt with a large and decorative access panel making it easy to install and service.

Hydromassage bathtub

Fri 02 2007

2145_0407-01.jpg  Bathtub taking baths has never been this relaxing, for it is electronically prepared according to user-selected preferences, such as water temperature, water level, bath essence or foam, a variety of hydromassage programs, light intensity and others, which are automatically maintained throughout the bath.  All of these things are possible through out the Friezeit Lifestyle awarded bathtub .

bathroom-over-50000-gold.jpgThe focal point of the new bathroom is a massive water fountain that features quiet or audible water flows that allow the owners to enjoy it from either their bedroom or their bathroom.

Design: Landis Construction

bathroom-over-50000-silver.jpgDesign: Bauer Interior Design

Silver winner of the “Bathrooms Over $50,000″ category

bathroom-over-50000-bronze.jpgDesign: Excel Interior Concepts

Bronze winner of the “Bathrooms Over $50,000″ category

bathroom-30000-50000-gold.jpgDesign: D.P. Design

Original oak cabinets were replaced with custom Shaker-style alder cabinets with rounded edges, stained two different colors for visual impact. To add a subtle feminine feeling, a curvy feature stripe was added to the shower walls and backsplash.