Bath fitting

Wed 09 2010

Shower Snakeas it can twist and turn in any direction the user desires and it has the rigidity to hold its position. This makes it an ideal style for children, elders, people with a disability and even pets. Unique design of wall. Alex Lee

Spout Basin

Mon 08 2010

A minimalist basin design that merges technology and style, is a unique basin that incorporates an internal sensor- activated mixer tap. The user can physically adjust the water temperature via a rotary dial that controls a thermostatic valve set to their preferred temperature.  Luca Abate

Bathroom Range

Mon 08 2010

The wall-hung basin has a thin pressed metal inner shell with a ceramic coating. The wall-hung toilet continues the thick and thin aesthetic treatment with a unique thin-walled toilet seat. David Knott

Slimback Toilet

Mon 08 2010

The slim cover 18mm thick accentuates the familiar design of the classic toilet while giving the illusion of an ‘ultra slimline’ external cistern. The difference is the cistern cover removes the need for the custom fabricated access panel required with typical designs. Anton Lee See

Elastica Vanity Basin

Fri 08 2010

The Elastica Vanity Basin is suitable for any modern home bathroom as , simple curves create effect of lightness and space for shelving. A towel slot is positioned comfortably under the basin. The vanity basin can be made of stainless steel, wood or vacuum formed from one sheet of white polypropylene. Marta Cherednik

Glowing Bath

Fri 08 2010

This bath can be an escape to complete relaxation, allowing the user to indulge their senses with playful colour. The bath illuminates from colour changing LEDs located at the base of the bath. The light then travels through the translucent acrylic shell, giving it the glowing appearance. Melissa Sopel

Lavinia Sink

Fri 08 2010

The plugging system sits in a recess in the body of the sink, sealing it completely and seamlessly, without the need to put your hand into the water. Dallas Winspear

The Share Shower Ware Concept is intended to promote a sustainable-living lifestyle, without compromising aesthetic appeal. The showerheads have two general configurations. When showering alone the two showerheads mate together to form an individual stream. Neil Strohbeck

Cache bathroom vanity

Thu 08 2010

Cache is a compact bathroom vanity system which is big on style and functionality. Cache features multiple shallow drawers for small items, a dedicated drawer for common bottles, integrated 1 piece ceramic sink
bench top, integrated hand towel rail  a mirror. Adam Doyle


Thu 08 2010

The bathtub is typically a very hard and cold surface. In a hammock in the trees, the body is soft, warm and sensuous. Rather than sitting on the floor, it is held by a tension ring suspended between two stainless steel poles. The body in water is floating, relaxed, suspended, buoyant.  Gyungju Chyon