UNO Garden shower

Fri 06 2007

29780_02_gartendusche_detail_uno.jpgUNO is the shower for friends of the quite clear line. An elegant square profile made of high-grade steel gives UNO her unique phenotype. The broad taking a shower head is in an ideal inclination at an angle to below and numerous nozzles provide a pleasant, soft jet of water. The lever in the middle makes the water regulation possible stationarily also under the shower.

catifa-70.jpgCatifa 70 – the new lounge chair by Arper and Lievore, Altherr, Molina design studio – maintains all the trademark style and elegance of the acclaimed Catifa collection. Catifa 70 is equipped with a polyurethane shell covered in a choice of fabric or leather and supported by a central base in polished aluminium or an iron sled base. A matching footstool is also available for maximum comfort.

washimasine.jpgLiquid detergent is dispensed automatically thanks to a transparent container, load-size sensing and a dispenser pump. Users must only select the required washing programme and the respective level of soiling. Over the course of a year, this alone can result in considerable savings as dispensing is highly precise. Automatic and precise dispensing of detergent results in gentle laundry care and ensures perfect washing results, as under- and overdosing is virtually eliminated. Another benefit and a boon to persons with sensitive skin is that there is no physical contact with detergent. The area surrounding the machine also remains much cleaner. by MIELE

rug.jpgLOA – this hand-tufted rug owes its unique character to a multicolour striped yarn. Made from pure new wool, the long-cut surface yarns form a soft, open, deep-pile texture through which the short, dense, colour-coordinated background pile can be seen. The LOA rug is available in a choice of five fresh new colours. Manufactured using only the best wool from New Zealand, LOA is a unique and decorative addition to any contemporary interior.


Mon 06 2007

sofaaaa.jpgThe sofa / chaise longue STAY has a clear structured, open design with a light, attractive looking metal base. The unique selling point in the design is that it combines the rectangular chaise longue shape with an additional square section at one end plus a u-shaped back rest running all round it. The wooden frame, made from pine and cedar sits on a polished steel base. The sofa measures 354 x 154 x 62 cm.

sinksssssssss.jpgAesthetically pure counter sink based on the Pure-Line series with a corner radius of 25 mm. This translates into straight, strict lines, yet making the unit hygienic and easy to clean. Eisinger design-oriented drain section with classical Eisinger design elements. Special focus on design and function. Clever, well-thought out accessories such as draining basin with or without holes, design-matching glass cutting board and rollup drainer.


Thu 06 2007

blanche.jpgBLANCHE – create your own individual living room sofa from a choice of designs, fabrics and cover combinations. The result – a sofa that reflects its designer. Fashion feature: swap the covers to match your moods or choose a new fabric to fit in with your new décor. High quality floral patterns or plain fabrics; mix and match not only from a variety of patterns but also materials. Long-lasting: if you fancy a change, you need only replace the cover and not the complete sofa. Design: the solidly upholstered leather back in traditional rhomb-shape, deep button design contrasts beautifully with the removable wool floral seat covers. Fabric highlight: a young, fresh, lively black and white design; smooth back; completely removable.