UNO Garden shower

Fri 06 2007

29780_02_gartendusche_detail_uno.jpgUNO is the shower for friends of the quite clear line. An elegant square profile made of high-grade steel gives UNO her unique phenotype. The broad taking a shower head is in an ideal inclination at an angle to below and numerous nozzles provide a pleasant, soft jet of water. The lever in the middle makes the water regulation possible stationarily also under the shower.

catifa-70.jpgCatifa 70 – the new lounge chair by Arper and Lievore, Altherr, Molina design studio – maintains all the trademark style and elegance of the acclaimed Catifa collection. Catifa 70 is equipped with a polyurethane shell covered in a choice of fabric or leather and supported by a central base in polished aluminium or an iron sled base. A matching footstool is also available for maximum comfort.

washimasine.jpgLiquid detergent is dispensed automatically thanks to a transparent container, load-size sensing and a dispenser pump. Users must only select the required washing programme and the respective level of soiling. Over the course of a year, this alone can result in considerable savings as dispensing is highly precise. Automatic and precise dispensing of detergent results in gentle laundry care and ensures perfect washing results, as under- and overdosing is virtually eliminated. Another benefit and a boon to persons with sensitive skin is that there is no physical contact with detergent. The area surrounding the machine also remains much cleaner. by MIELE

rug.jpgLOA – this hand-tufted rug owes its unique character to a multicolour striped yarn. Made from pure new wool, the long-cut surface yarns form a soft, open, deep-pile texture through which the short, dense, colour-coordinated background pile can be seen. The LOA rug is available in a choice of five fresh new colours. Manufactured using only the best wool from New Zealand, LOA is a unique and decorative addition to any contemporary interior.


Mon 06 2007

sofaaaa.jpgThe sofa / chaise longue STAY has a clear structured, open design with a light, attractive looking metal base. The unique selling point in the design is that it combines the rectangular chaise longue shape with an additional square section at one end plus a u-shaped back rest running all round it. The wooden frame, made from pine and cedar sits on a polished steel base. The sofa measures 354 x 154 x 62 cm.

sinksssssssss.jpgAesthetically pure counter sink based on the Pure-Line series with a corner radius of 25 mm. This translates into straight, strict lines, yet making the unit hygienic and easy to clean. Eisinger design-oriented drain section with classical Eisinger design elements. Special focus on design and function. Clever, well-thought out accessories such as draining basin with or without holes, design-matching glass cutting board and rollup drainer.


Thu 06 2007

blanche.jpgBLANCHE – create your own individual living room sofa from a choice of designs, fabrics and cover combinations. The result – a sofa that reflects its designer. Fashion feature: swap the covers to match your moods or choose a new fabric to fit in with your new décor. High quality floral patterns or plain fabrics; mix and match not only from a variety of patterns but also materials. Long-lasting: if you fancy a change, you need only replace the cover and not the complete sofa. Design: the solidly upholstered leather back in traditional rhomb-shape, deep button design contrasts beautifully with the removable wool floral seat covers. Fabric highlight: a young, fresh, lively black and white design; smooth back; completely removable.

bathrom.jpgSieger design has created an ensemble of bathtubs, ceramic items and furniture that constitutes a balanced architectural whole. A room furnished with 2nd floor is a room furnished in harmony with its layout. The series has been designed logically and offers a great deal of versatility, both horizontally and vertically. All the furniture is available in a choice of four surface finishes. With a rich variety of finishes in light and dark wood, matt and gloss, real wood veneer and melamine, 2nd floor offers a choice of styles to suit very different tastes. From Duravit

Wooden digital clock

Tue 06 2007

wooden-clock.jpgLED clock from hard maple wood. Very thin hard maple wood skins are joined together. LED signal see-through from the inside box. Remarkably simple and minimal design. Size: 206 x 114 x 45 mm – Made in Japan by I.D.E.A International

Kermi walk-in shower

Mon 06 2007

kermi.jpgKermi walk-in showers are an expression of an innovative product and design culture. They are made of generously dimensioned glass panes that keep the room open and provide unrestricted access and a free view. With a transparency that is buoyantly light, these panes can be attached to solid ceiling supports, wall support and profiled wall sections — in conformance with the consumer’s personal taste. Numerous variations allow for unusual solutions and support perfect integration in the respective setting. Precision finish and careful selection of materials ensure the highest quality, safety and durability.