Batto Chair

Fri 01 2011

The batto chair is an all wood chair that can be used as a dining, task or side chair. The chair is assembled only using joined elements, are screws. 16th Workshop


The Chakra Chair

Fri 01 2011

A task chair with a very unusual form factor, one designed with the body’s pressure points in mind. We’re guessing the Chakra is the sort of chair which will split opinions, due in part to its distinct and unique design. Karim Rashid


Fri 01 2011

Is a complete collection of versatile seating shapes and pieces to create the right configuration for any space. Villa components can be connected to form small, medium, or large seating arrangements that work great in freeform lounge spaces or smaller niches. By using a mix of colors and patterns, it is easy to delineate a space with Villa lounge seating. Keith Metcalf