The faucet filter is fitted with a unified device for smooth and gradual opening and closing. A lever fitted with an accurate ceramic mechanism enables a ¼ turn movement. By displacing the lever to one side the faucet is turned on while the filter is activated by displacing the lever to the opposite side. The water is filtered through the innovative carbon block system which reduces chlorine taste and odor problems, and removes particulate matter. Luiz Moquiuti Morales

Inspired by the fluidity of water itself, faucet that stands out as a piece of art. The Triflow tap by Zaha Hadid makes the spout, body and handle of the tap come together into a sculptural, functional item, waterway, avoiding hot and cold tap water that could contaminate it. Suitable for either your bathroom or kitchen. Triflow Concepts

Embrace Table

Wed 03 2010

Embrace is available in a variety of materials and finishes. An award winning piece of furniture, designed to store modern media such as DVD’s, CD’s and Magazines. This smart piece of furniture naturally forms two low modern tables that are then ’embraced’ together in order to form a storage unit, magazine rack,  occasional table. John Green, John Green

A pendant light that looks like a bottle in glossy opal white glass. Other products included the wooden chair and table, the Heavy desk lamp in cast concrete and ply, the Pebble chair in recycled plastic with oak legs, the aluminium Spinning light and Float pedant lamp in hand-turned cork  and the Chimney lamp. Benjamin Hubert

TONALE tableware

Wed 03 2010

This collection of vessels and plates in a smooth, fine-grained stoneware is robust and ovenproof yet has a light, delicate feel. Plates and bowls in different sizes are multi-purpose; so a handleless cup can be used for wine, water, coffee, or a cold or hot dessert. The colours are subtle and understated and include gradations of grey, pink, white and yellow. There is also a glass carafe rather like a milk bottle, plus a drinking glass, an enamelled tray and a wooden board. David Chipperfield for Alessi

Ivy Chandelier

Tue 03 2010

Lighting consits of blown glass combined with traditional skills and contemporary aesthetics producing bespoke chandeliers and innovative glass pendants. Glass is sold as unique pieces or made in limited series. Nominated for 2010. Elin Isaksson

Welcome! For bespoke furniture carefully made by hand in solid wood. To create an elegant and simple bed with matching cabinets, and now living happily ever after in a castle!. Tim Hawkins

Blown glass elements with sleek minimal stainless steel, enlighten with environmental friendly LED. Work combines traditional skills with contemporary aesthetics producing bespoke chandeliers and innovative glass pendants. Nominated for 2010. Elin Isaksson

WHILE armchair

Tue 03 2010

Metal structure composed with diam 16 mm, upholstery with leather or fabric finishing Metal profiles will be connected in one system with NO welding ‘ONE PIECE tight-tissue’ will be tensioned to create the best performing position between seating and backrest 4 rounded feet,    WHILE armchair is available assembled or disassembled. Marco Goffi

Civetta Chandelier

Mon 03 2010

The Civetta suspension lamp from Aldo Bernardi pairs beautifully with exposed wood, brick or stone, setting off the surface on which it is installed. Like patinated palmettos, an array of individual fixtures branch out from the slender central trunk, ensuring bright light in even the most cavernous spaces. Aldo Bernardi